Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Spectrum Brands lied to State to get, and receive, $4 million! Walker administration Okay with that.

This story is so outrageous, that it’s actually breath taking in its deceit. But it is revealing. If Republicans get their way, and trust these corporate scoundrels by getting government out of the way, than we're in real trouble. The public, angry conservative voters, deserves everything it willfully supported. Hallelujah, thank you Scott Walker.
Bill Lueders/Cap Times: Spectrum Brands began its successful quest for a $4 million award from the state without revealing its identity or that it was already based in Wisconsin, public records show. Initial overtures were made by Harry J. Joseph, an Atlanta-based real estate consultant. Joseph did not disclose which company he represented when he asked the state in January 2011 "what incentives might be available to our client should they decide to consolidate in Wisconsin."

As reported here before, Spectrum Brands used the “unrest” state wide as a threat to leave, unless they get a monetary payout. You could also view this as corporate power dictating how government should deal with public unrest. I think they call the creeping fascism.
Emails obtained through an open records request by WTDY Radio in Madison and shared with the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism show that Joseph suggested that the backlash over Gov. Scott Walker's budget repair bill made his unidentified client reluctant to pick Madison — where it was, in fact, already located.

"I am concerned (that) the recent protests and 'unrest' occurring in Madison and splashed all over the national news could have a detrimental impact on my client's interest in choosing Madison as its office consolidation location," Joseph wrote in a Feb. 21 email. "You may recall we were evaluating Des Moines, western suburbs of Chicago, and Milwaukee as our other alternatives."

Joseph, the president of Galaxy Partners Inc., asked how state officials could help "incent my client to look past this apparent community discord." Last week, Spectrum announced plans to close its Madison headquarters and relocate to a new facility in nearby Middleton.

Another words, Spectrum Brand had this message for the Walker administration; suckers. 


  1. To: Democurmudgeon - I'm guessing you are a product of government schools because you can neither read, write, nor reason very well. Your short post is filled with one ridiculous error after another. Every American has the right to 'spout off', but it helps your argument if you get at least a few of the facts right. Try reading the original published reports lies, the State was not misled, the State had a chance to say "no" at any time, yet proceeded because Spectrum Brands agreed to commit to invest millions of dollars in the state and is creating many Wisconsin jobs. I guess new investement and jobs threatens folks like you who are ignorant about business. Nice try, moron.

  2. The article itself pointed out the deception in the title. Doh!

    Yes, they found out later, but long after they made the decision to pay out, which of course was the wrong decision. They chose not to say no.

    From what you wrote, corporate blackmail and welfare is just the way things are now. Sad. I see it as a waste of taxpayer money. Guess we don't need to pay for schools, infrastructure and services.

    There really is something wrong with the Republican Party of "me," and their conservative chaos.

  3. I'm an American and I cherish your right to your opinion...I differ in mine, because I believe that in the real world competition is real. If Wisconsin hikes its tax rates by 30% to pay for schools, infrastructure and services, who do you think is going to pay for that? Private businesses (and citizens) will move to a lower tax state/community and fewer people are left to pay the bill. In this instance the State made a choice to invest in a job-creating enterprise to keep them in the State and generating $100 Million (my estimate only based on the size of the company and employees) positive economic impact...all those employees pay taxes, the company commits to staying here instead of going to Texas or some place, and the citizens and the STate are better off. NOT blackmail, but good business. Grow up.

  4. It's frustrating, and saddens me, to see thinking adults give in to the whims of big businesses games.

    Funny thing about the state, people moved here knowing they would have to pay higher taxes, that there were great schools for their kids, and the resale value of their homes would be high. It was our state identity. If you wanted to live in a place with no state taxes, or whatever, you could have gone there. We lost our identity.

    Who loses? The people do, not the corporation taking our hard earned money as a bribe to stay. Where does this all end? It doesn't.