Monday, January 16, 2012

Americans for Prosperity Hatch Obama Plot against Labor! "No Climate Tax" pledge could have something to do with it?

We've all heard of the "no tax" pledge, but did you know our elected Republican politicians have also taken a pledge to oppose any clean air legislation? Would I kid you.

Look, I haven't looked into how many Fitzwalkerstan politicians have taken that pledge, but would it be crazy to assume all Republicans have or would have taken such a loyalty oath if they had the chance? It would mean money, lots of it, and support of tea party fringers supported by Americans for Prosperity. It's the Koch brothers again, at their most bizarre: 
SeattlePI: Four Washington lawmakers received “F” grades in a legislative scorecard issued Friday by Americans for Prosperity, a group financed by the billionaire Koch brothers that has provided organizational underpinning for the Tea Party movement. Charles and David Koch, billionaire oil barons whose money seeded Americans for Prosperity, are arch-opponents of clean air legislation as well as climate change doubters.

The AFP rating was based, in part, on signing a No Climate Tax pledge, and voting to block Environmental Protection Agency regulation of greenhouse gases.  Another criteria was support for the Ryan budget plan, which would gradually privatize Medicare.
Now that you're familiar with the AFP pledge, which has nothing to do with representing the voters, check out the all out attack on green energy. Thank you Citizens United!

AFP has taken a failed solar panel business, backed by government money and Barack Obama, and ironically made the case that government should get out of the business of energy industry investment. I seemed to remember the debate over continuing subsidies to big oil, the kind of money the Koch brothers love, because they really, really, really need the help.

Plus, AFP has hatched a conspiracy plot ad, bashing Obama over Solyndra, as if this one company played a pivotal role in the 2010 elections. It's Onionesque;

More on the details of this scary ad soon....

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