Wednesday, September 14, 2011

UW Students send racist conservative think tank "Center for Equal Opportunity" message. .

The new "clan," disguised as the conservative "Center for Equal Opportunity," came to Madison for press coverage and chance to get their racist message out. That didn't happen. 

Instead, UW students stole their headlines with a mass protest, and denouncing the racist out-of-stater's. 
WSJ: UW-Madison waged an all-day offensive Tuesday against a charge that it engages in discriminatory admissions practices — as students and staff rallied on Bascom Hill, hijacked a press conference and disputed the findings of the admissions allegation. Interim Chancellor David Ward, staff and students defended the campus against what officials called an "attack" on its diversity efforts by the Virginia-based Center for Equal Opportunity.

The conservative think tank alleged in a report unveiled Tuesday that UW-Madison discriminates against whites and Asians by admitting less qualified black and Latino students.
WISC 3000 had this great coverage:

Their studies supposedly...
...reveal severe discrimination based on race and ethnicity in undergraduate and law school admissions at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, with African Americans and Latinos given preference over whites and Asians.

Many weren't fooled.

"I took it as a slap in the face and an insult, almost presuming that none of us worked hard and just got here because of the color of our skin," Mia McKinney, a UW-Madison senior from Racine and a member of PEOPLE, a program to encourage minorities to apply to the school, said of the study. "I think that's a huge presumption and assumption."


  1. You Democrats are the racists for supporting quota systems and affirmative action

  2. No, that's not it.

    Democrats continue to protect individuals from closet racists like you. In your closed little world, minorities continue to take things from you, and you hate that.

    You can imagine all day minorities aren't the victims of racism, or that class movement is effortless, but that would be a lie.

    And your good at lying.