Sunday, September 18, 2011

Rep. Robin Vos/Sen. Ablerta Darling star in the remake of Minority Report.

When Sen. Glenn Grothman is the voice of reason, we're all in trouble. Grothman doesn't agree with Rep. Robin Vos' pursuit of tougher laws to deal with, believe it or not...perceived future "incivility."

In what might be Minority Report on steroids, Vos is now worried about where incivility is headed:
Vos: "Maybe they won't go after me again, but they could go after one of my colleagues, did they throw a rock...did they decide they were going to throw a rock through my windshield, or anything else." 

Anything else, like...pull out a concealed weapon? They certainly "could," if they were conservative. But Democrats don't think or act like that. Vos continues to advocate "pre-arrests" to send a strong message that incivility will not be tolerated. According to the reporter, Vos thinks;
Fox 6: "Repeat offenders should stop getting slapped with tickets ... He should be accused of stalking, fearing what could be in the future." 

Which means what Robin? Prison for beer thrower Miles Kirsten?:
Vos: "Going to the next level is something we should never tolerate, no matter how angry, no matter how frustrated you are."

That imagined, next level. Alberta Darling weighs in heavily on the new Republican drum beat that law enforcement in the Capitol city is ideologically encouraging the out of control protesters. Oh my, poor conservative "victims." And with Darling's kind of constant pressure, Democrats in the past like, DA Ismael Ossane, have folded like a house of cards:
Darling: "Our rights and our safety and our privacy and security don't seem to be very important to some of the people in Madison who are responsible to protect us." 

What, concealed carry was supposed to be the solution, the blankie, for the fear stricken conservative paranoids like Darling? Of course, Democrats don't support firearm solutions to problems like the Republican Tea Party thugs and were against carry guns in public. Oh, and liberals don't turn up at demonstrations with loaded assault weapons strapped over our shoulders either.

This is their idea of freedom and liberty.

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