Friday, September 16, 2011

Republicans declare war on Madison Police Leadership with Racial Slap at Chief Noble Wray.

Our state legislature just went rogue. The Capitol city is no longer “safe” for them, especially when it comes to those cold beer showers at local bars. We’re suddenly finding out how afraid these lawless cutthroats are around liberals Democrats. The city and state aren’t entirely in their image yet, and that pisses ‘em off.
JESSICA VANEGEREN-The Capital Times: Rep. Steve Nass is keeping alive the Republican theory that Madison law enforcement leaders are at least partially to blame for ongoing protests in Madison.
In a news release the Whitewater Republican stated protesters feel "entitled" to take action without serious consequences in the capital city. "The problem is not with rank-and-file police officers. They have had enough, as well. Frankly, the problem rests squarely with the top law enforcement leaders that have let their partisan views interfere with the conduct of their offices," Nass said.

Let’s face it, Nass is just reflecting a deep racial tension he and his fellow legislators are feeling for the cities more liberal Police Chief Noble Wray. If Nass had his way, he would have preferred blood in the streets and on the Capitol steps as a show of strength against the forces of the once "entitled" middle class. The police aren’t bashing enough heads to make these dictators happy.
Nass pointed to an incident Wednesday night at a bar across the street from the Capitol in which Rep. Robin Vos had a beer poured over his head while out for drinks. Miles Kristan, 26, turned himself in.
What, no reason to tase him or rough him up? The myth of violence, vandelism and thuggery during the protests is the lie their pushing, repeating and burning into the mind of Wisconsinites who weren’t there. It’s like George W. Bush said, “catapulting the propaganda.”  

But just as sick, the clan like “Center for Equal Opportunity’s” drive to drive minorities out of our university’s was not enough to warrant opposition by outraged students according to Nass.  
Nass also cited what he referred to as "the siege" by UW-Madison students of a Madison hotel Tuesday morning. Students arrived at the hotel to protest the findings of a conservative think tank's study that claims white and Asian students are being discriminated against because of the university's admissions policies.

According to Nass, protesters "roughed up" hotel staff and ignored the orders of police. No arrests were made in that incident.

No arrests. Not yet anyway. The right to protest the government may sound good, but in practice, it's just to “disorderly and dangerous” for Nass. You can sense Nass' fear in every one of his words: 
"The escalation of disorderly and dangerous conduct by protesters is partially due to the failure of law enforcement leaders in Madison," Nass added in the statement. "The risk of a major incident continues to grow since protesters now feel immune to any real consequences."
And like the Republicans desire to renege on the promise of the social safety nets, these crooks want to default on the cost of their police protection:
The Legislature's Joint Finance Committee voted Wednesday to withhold roughly $750,000 from the Madison Police Department, the cost on staffing during the weeks of protests at the Capitol in the spring.  At the meeting, Robin Vos, the committee co-chairman, agreed with the reservations expressed by other Republican members, including Sen. Glenn Grothman, R-West Bend, saying he believes there were "legitimate concerns about actions of individual officers."

Madison Police Chief Noble Wray told a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporter Wednesday that questions about his department's conduct during the protests constitute "almost a slap in the face."


  1. Rep. Steve nASS (R-Creepy) and Sen. Glenn Grothmann (R-Mother's Basement)are showing exactly what type of weenies the GOPers have become. Liars and sleazebags, the repugs are afraid of the people and the cracks in their facades are beginning to open up.

    The public should brace for even more sick attacks by the GOP as these evolutionary dead-ends start to sense that Walker's fourth reich is crumbling before their beady little eyes. And like a cornered rabid skunk, nASS and the rest of the repug cabal will lash out and escalate their war on Wisconsin until they are defeated in the polls. Then they'll go back to their holes, lick their wounds with forked tongues, and fester like a low-level infection that awaits its next opportunity to attack the host.

  2. But how do you really feel?

    Wonderfully worded, but I sense you were holding back...

  3. Dave
    You are exactly what we the people need to looking over our shoulders at.
    Your comments are hate filled.
    The left make the most horrible noises when the nest has been disturbed. You cry and B----- the loudest.
    You have lost alot I agree but, for heavens sake shut it already.

  4. Dave
    You are exactly what we the people need to looking over our shoulders at.
    Your comments are hate filled.
    The left make the most horrible noises when the nest has been disturbed. You cry and B----- the loudest.
    You have lost alot I agree but, for heavens sake shut it already

  5. I have never seen or heard Conservatives act so shamefully as the left is, has been and continues to do.
    If you would all just accept what the majority of Wisconsinites voted for and allow our State to prosper.without all the bad pulicity you all from the left are producing for all the world to see.
    Shame on you...

  6. To all the gutless anonymous conservative trolls afraid of their own shaddow, I'll point you to the real threat and people we all have to look over our shoulder at...

    or Breitbart (oh, I know, he's kidding, right?):

    Or these "hate fille comments" for a video I posted:

    You were saying.....