Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sen. Grothman: "New Era of Incivility on the Left."

Far right winger and lovable Republican blowhard Sen. Glenn Grothman appeared on WTDY's Sly in the Morning and talked about the "new era of incivility on the LEFT." 

Yes those unarmed peaceniks, like teachers, firefighters, union members, police, sheriffs and working class protesters have turned to chaos and "incivility" toward out our authoritarian Republican "leaders." Outrageous. It's Glenn Grothman just saying what most Republicans think or whine about in back rooms or at campaign fund raisers.

At the 2:12 minute point in the audio, Sly asks Glenn about the current attempt to ban retired teachers from returning to their former jobs, while still collecting benefits. It seems the law would encompass a few people in the Walker administration too. Ooops!

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