Monday, September 26, 2011

Walker Embarrassed by Brian Williams and Sun Prairie's Heather Dubois Bournene

Gov. Scott Walker looked like he was about to vomit, when NBC's Brian Williams offered up a question by Sun Prairie's "education activist" Heather Dubois Bournene, about how he's poisoned education in Wisconsin.

With a letter writing campaign preceding Walker's appearance on the special "Education Nation, Williams question was brutally straight forward.
Williams: "Governor knowing what you know now, having been through what you've been through in Wisconsin, won't this mean for years to come, a deeply suspicious antagonized teacher workforce?" 

Watch Walker squirm. Ed Schultz talks with Heather Dubois Bournene as well. She shines.


  1. Rock On, Heather. That's the type of teacher I want for my kids. Telling it like it is and describing Governor wanker as a "ToolJob" was a breath of fresh air.

    Sun Prairie is lucky to have her.

  2. thanks Ed.
    I wish this video gets spread all around WI.

    I will forward to all I know.

  3. What kills me about Walker is he claims he never called teachers thugs and maybe that's true. But he has knowingly let his kind do it over and over along with various other names used to discribe public workers. He has divided this state in half and at anytime could have stood up and said it was unacceptable behavior. So in not denouncing it, he condoned it. The same can be said for all the Republican lawmakers in this state who refused to defend their neighbors and in some cases family members against the vicious things being said. They are not leaders and Scott Walker fails miserably as the "leader" of this state.