Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Since Republican/Bush tax policies are still in effect, why is GOP blaming Obama for economy? Rep. Blackburn stumped.

Rep. Marsha Blackburn is not a smart person. Her embarrassing appearances on Hardball are jaw dropping, like the example below. She substitutes lots of words for actual cohesive thoughts.

Blackburn whines that there wasn't enough infrastructure money in the first stimulus bill, never realizing it was her party that took that "not so shovel ready" work out for more tax cuts. Thankfully Rep. Tim Ryan was there to reminded both Blackburn and Chris Matthews. Blackburn, even then, never really got the message.

Blackburn utters "I think it's amazing that you continue to blame it on George Bush" when posed with this great question from Chris:
Matthews: "We're living basically under the tax policies of George W. Bush, you passed that tax cut, it's still in effect, the economy is in terrible shape right now, isn't President Bush responsible? It's your tax structure, it isn't President Obama's tax structure. He said he didn't like this tax structure. It's yours, and this is your economy. Why do you keep blaming it on Obama when he hasn't been able to change the tax policy?"

Hey Democrats, sounds like a great line to repeat over and over in campaigns from now until November 2012.

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