Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dumbest Proposed Law of the Week

While the Governor has basically replaced civil service employees with political appointments, czars, the following legislation should get his attention. Courtesy of Sen. Frank Lasee:

“Stop Bureaucrat Law-like Rules.” 

Law-like? Is that like Stephen Colbert's "truthiness?"

Lasee wants partisan lawmakers to approve every damn rule made by agency heads. Think about that. The Post Crescent did and offered a few possible problems:

For one thing, there are such a plethora of rules and regulations that no Legislature would have time to give them ample consideration.

The second argument against is political. There is danger in giving all rule-making authority to a body that has partisan aspirations, where bloc voting is the rule and the merits of a particular proposal are secondary to party affiliation.
I've got a feeling Frank Lasee knew something like the above would happen, that's why he wants to make it law.

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