Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Walker's Jobs Special Session: Large Piers, Deregulate, Build on Wetlands and pay Big Businesses Energy Bills.

"Back to Work Wisconsin." that's what Scott Walker is calling it. But who's kidding who?

I hope you're sitting down; mom and pop, working sister and brother, you are about to help lower and pay for large manufactures utility bills!!!!

jsonline: one bill would require families and small businesses to subsidize lower power rates for large manufacturers, other bills were still just drafts, and some - which would loosen regulations on everything from piers to wetlands - wouldn't necessarily create any jobs.
Another big job creator, "LIMIT LAWSUITS." I wish I were kidding.

But the fact that Wisconsinites would end up subsidizing energy used by large manufacturers, is just jaw dropping, and maybe illegal.
Charlie Higley, executive director of the ratepayers group Citizens' Utility Board, objected … the proposed lower rates for certain large manufacturers would end up being paid for by what is essentially a hidden fee on other consumers. "That's been prohibited for over 100 years because it's simply unfair to make ratepayers pay for discounts that go to other ratepayers," Higley said.
Joining us in our outrage, is WE Energies, believe it or not:

We Energies and the Municipal Electric Utilities of Wisconsin joined CUB in raising concerns about the impact the utility rate legislation would have on small businesses, which would be funding discounts for larger ones.

And this is how our state Republicans are creating more jobs. Not. This is disaster capitalism.

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