Saturday, September 17, 2011

Would you call Vouchers Successful, based on enrollment?

The headline screamed success: "School voucher program proving to be a success"

Wow, a voucher program that was working...stop the presses!! But wait, we're not talking graduation rates, closing the racial gap and test scores, we're really talking about how many unsuspecting parents are buying into this hyperbolic scheme. Check out this outrageous example of spin based on nothing but enrollment:
Indiana's controversial and highly debated school voucher program is working as hoped and is exceeding expectations. State Superintendent of Public Instruction Dr. Tony Bennett claimed enrollment has taken off like no other similar program in the country.

But the darker side is inadvertently revealed mid story in a warning to parents of a coming affordability disaster that will only get worse as private school costs and profits go through the roof. The end result; low and middle income families will eventually be priced out of taking vouchers.
Most students participating are from low or moderate income families. The size of the vouchers varied according to the family's income and which school district they attend. Some came very close to the cost of private school tuition, but in many cases, there is a gap of thousands of dollars to fill.

"For most, they have picked up the difference. I would say 90 percent picked up the difference," Parsons said.
That gap will only continue to grow, or be picked up with scarce taxpayer dollars. What a solution. 

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  1. So you know, having visited with many of the direct families who sought vouchers, most were low income families who are engaged and concerned about the success of their children. Realize not all of the money from the public school follows the child to the non-public but can guarantee you many will deliver regardless. Two guesses where any extra funds go...back to the traditional schools. It's too early to call it success - but what we do know is it has forced many parents never engaged to be upfront and center now. That's a great start for success!