Friday, September 16, 2011

State Republicans take a little voting freedom away from returning vets.

It's a story that never really got the attention it should have. Consider the super patriotism of the Republican Tea Party flag wavers as they drive around with "support our troops" ribbons on the back of cars and pickup trucks. Hell, they love war maybe even more. But when it comes to helping vets when they return home...not so much. From Folkbum:
As civil rights challenges to Republican-authored photo ID-voter suppression laws continue, the exclusion of veterans who have only a U.S. Dept of Veterans Affairs (DVA) Veterans Identification Card (VIC) from voting is drawing increasing criticism. In Wisconsin a VIC, used by veterans to obtain health care at VA medical facilities, is not sufficient to vote, notwithstanding veterans' service to our country. Wisconsin's restricting many veterans from voting is identical to numerous other GOP-passed laws such as Texas. 
"Gov. Rick Perry (R) urged the state legislature to pass the law as an 'emergency item' and submitted the law to the U.S. Justice Department for 'pre-clearance' last month," writes Tanya SomanaderI would ask if the Republicans have no shame, but the answer is obvious.

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