Friday, September 23, 2011

Republican Sen. Darling on Sen. Lena Taylor: "She doesn't feel like she has to respect the voice and opinions of the chair."

Racism? So far we've seen Rep. Steve Nass call for the resignation of our black Capitol Police Chief Tubbs for not cracking skulls and jailing peaceful protesters, so Republicans could send a message. Now Sen. Alberta Darling is either unwilling to let Democrats finish their sentences, or she's the grand dragon of the Joint Finance Committee. Either way, Darling's dictatorial chairmanship is becoming another political embarrassment for the state of Wisconsin...again. 

The amazing interaction between Alberta Darling and Sen. Lena Taylor, as seen in this Fox 6 piece, is further proof democracy has slipped away in Wisconsin after just 8 months of the Republican occupancy. How uppity of Taylor to show such "disrespect:"

Check out Darlings audio comments on WTMJ Radio featured in my previous post on conservative arrogance. Some of that is transcribed here:
Republican State Senator Alberta Darling, Joint Finance Committee Chair, says she's had enough disrespect from Democratic State Senator Lena Taylor and wants her removed. UW-Milwaukee Professor of Governmental Affairs Modecai Lee says this is an unprecedented request. If the removal happened, Democratic leadership in the senate would have to do it.

It started when Sen. Taylor was speaking about the need to pay for the officers who helped control protesters in February and March ... Sen. Darling appeared on a WTMJ radio show saying, "She doesn't feel like she has to respect the voice and the opinions of the chair. She can call people liars. This level of disrespect for the process, disrespect for rules of law and disrespect for the process of doing legislations for the people of Wisconsin is a concern."

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