Monday, September 19, 2011

Civility on the Right could teach liberal thugs a thing or two.

 I wish Democrats could be more like the mature adults on the right, who avoid all childish name calling and threats of violent protests. Sigh! Like the conservatives who left their comments at the conservative website Weasel Zippers and my YouTube video page.  

Weasel Zippers is a far right wing web site that “scours the bowels of the internet” for guys like me, liberals and Democrats. Since we’re the enemy of a single party state of Republican authority, I guess we have to be hunted down and vilified. They found me and directed their trolling scum bags to my recent post.

WZ picked up on a quote I posted by Greg Palast at Fighting Bob Fest in Madison over the weekend. Palast jokingly criticized the guy who poured a beer over the head of Republican Rep. Robin Vos by suggesting that a NY’er would first drink the beer, and then…see it here.

Weasel Zipper’s “adult and mature” visitors left the following comments in the hopes of having a serious conversation. I’ll start off with the first self-righteous intellectual to criticize the violent behavior coming from the liberal left:
yup this is the lewd , vulgar, obscene and immature mindset of the typical liberal.. I mean really, what level of maturity finds this funny? Prepubescent at most.-carlindelco 11 hours ago

That led to the following unedited string of comments, proving once again how dangerous liberal Madison protesters are to our picked on and paranoid Republican leaders:
FUCK YOU, Greg Palast, and if you try that on me, as it is assault, look the fuck out! You will not get a laugh, nor will you walk away.-TheBeltwayBlogger 13 hours ago

And as you "pour" your drink on me, a half second later, I'm brought up on "attempted murder"-Trav1ste 17 hours ago 7 Description:

After you assault my life with your toxic urine…I'd blow your head off with my .50 cal desert eagle-HangProgressives 15 hours ago 6 Description:

Enjoy the moment because it will be the last one you have.............-BarryDead 5 hours ago

Yeah and this female Republican would like to tell you that would be the last whiz you ever took with what I know is a little lib, shriveled up, unwashed gherkin, loser. I wonder if this useless moonbat knows that 80% of this country has no use for him and his little girl scout troop. Keep acting like the little animals you are, leftists. It only makes everyone hate you more.-kittenagogo28 7 hours ago

I would like to see Hoffa take a shit in Hussein Obama's mouth. But Hussein Obama would like that.-wilzyk 9 hours ago

This guy tries to urinate on me, he's going to be tasting his own urine. Doesn't take much to hold the face of one of these pencil-neck progressives down in a puddle of his own waste.-TheHireTheBetter 9 hours ago   Description:

More classy behavior from the Left. You pour anything out on me prepare for your skull to be beaten in -ResistIslamToday 9 hours ago 

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  1. I am glad I did not eat breakfast yet. I thought the Republicans on the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel site were vile but have to admit-the site you posted takes the cake.