Friday, September 30, 2011

Lazy Republican Sen. Lasee wants Expensive Voter Referendums to Make Decisions for Him.

Direct democracy through voter referendum can be expensive, frequent government and subject us to the tyranny of the majority. It' the latest brain belch from Sen. Frank Lasee. What’s the point of electing these freeloaders if they're going to make us do all the work? The dumb picture to the right is another nifty sell job by Lasee. According to Frank:
Next week I will introduce the Taxpayer Protection Amendment to give taxpayers relief from the continual upward taxation spiral. The amendment requires the state to ask voters before increasing taxes or large spending increases. If government officials think the government needs more money, they will have to make their case to the people and get approval through referendum. The amendment applies to all kinds of spending: state, counties, cities, towns, villages and schools.

Can you imagine the logjam of projects waiting for voter referendums, along with an endless barrage of radio and TV ads pummeling the public with negative special interest spin?

These empty GOP schemes to block responsible budgeting and lock in tax cuts have never made any sense. And if Republicans expect to compare government spending to family budgets, then have them come up with one family that has ruled out ever increasing their incoming revenue. Anyone?  

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