Thursday, September 29, 2011

Arguing for a Tax Increase for Low Income Workers, from Republican "No Tax" Pledgers.

Conservative radio talker Heidi Harris proves she doesn't understand how tax brackets work as she continues the argument from the right that poor people need to pay more in taxes (tax increase?).

From what I can gather in the video, she doesn't know the 39.5 percent tax bracket only applies to the income over a certain dollar amount, not the persons income below that. For Harris, she would be okay with the poor paying in 39.5% tax.

Jaw dropping stuff, and another reason why arguing with the troglodytes is hopelessly futile.


  1. While Harris may not understand that the 40% tax rate is paid only by the highest wage owners, and only then on income above a certain level (minus deductions, breaks, scams or whatever you want to call them), she isn't wrong that the "poor" should have to pay some taxes. (I know the "poor" already pay sales tax and other "hidden" taxes). However, how can we sustain a democracy when dangeroulsy close to 50% of people pay no income taxes and can vote in pandering politicians who promise them they will force the other guy to pay more?

  2. I see, raise taxes on low income workers but leave the wealthy alone.

    The tax code is progressive, and taxes those who can pay. Those who can pay have lots of discretionary money where those who don't, spend all their money pay check to pay check.

    Where would that money come from? Those who make a lot of money have extra cash. No really, they do.

    So taking what little money the growing number of low income families have is fine with you, but taxing the wealthy is no solution?

    When the wealthy paid 92 percent tax on their wealth, did the US do well then or did the job creators give up and go home?