Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Walker Advocates Job Training in Schools, but that doesn't do a lot for the older Unemployed.

Since the U.S. decided to outsource most of our manufacturing jobs, skilled factory workers are no longer able to get the kind of jobs Gov. Scott Walker says are out there to be filled. Even in the olden days, high schools didn't have classes that trained people for the kind of jobs they eventually moved into, because many were trained on the job. But apparently, not anymore. In Milwaukee:

WTMJ4: Governor Scott Walker joined business leaders from the Milwaukee area for what he calls a job-creation forum, but dozens of his opponents protested … begging for more jobs, local business leaders begged for more workers.

More than two dozens business leaders from Johnson Controls, Harley-Davidson, North Shore Bank and other companies joined Walker … they are searching for workers right now, particularly in manufacturing. Walker admitted that the message is not getting out there, while protesters outside said they couldn't find work because of the Governor's policies. "One of the biggest concerns is a lack of skilled workers," said Walker. "One of the things we're hoping to do is get that message out.  There are jobs available.  The key is, we have to have people willing to go into those categories."
Walker seems to think 40, 50 and 60 year old job seekers need to make up a few missed high school courses to get back into the workforce.

Walker pushed inside the forum for better skills learned in our schools. He plans to hold more forums like this, including one in Green Bay.

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