Friday, September 30, 2011

Dumb Ron Johnson wants “communications job in Senate leadership post!!! Another Onion News joke?

Ron “Sky is falling” Johnson could not sound more panicky when he describes how god awful the U.S. economy is right now. Like state Republicans who whined endlessly about how bad Wisconsin was for business, and thus killing business in the state for the last 20 years, Johnson is carrying on that same negative tradition but on a national level. And all that talk creates a self-fulfilling prophecy of bad times ahead.

And that’s gives “Dumb” Ron Johnson a self-gratifying job in politics.
jsonline: Freshman Republican Ron Johnson says his bid for a GOP leadership post in the Senate after less than a year in office is "not a career move" but an effort to help set the tone and frame the debate on the spending and deficit issues run for vice chairman of the GOP conference in the Senate … Johnson called himself an "impatient" legislator … Johnson said he viewed the position as mainly a communications job, helping the GOP caucus marshal information and arguments.

Johnson’s Chicken Little act has been bizarre, when you consider how he stammers his way through one cliché after the next while never saying anything.  
"My primary goal in the first two years here is to communicate to the voters of Wisconsin, really to the voters of America, how serious our financial situation is in this country and how urgent it is we address it." 

Communicate? Like he did in the clip below? 

For those who don't remember, not only did Ron Johnson win by supporting China's better business climate and killing American jobs without remorse through "creative destruction," but he also had every issue in his campaign wrong. I superimposed the truth over the video of his appearance on Upfront with Mike Gousha:

And that’s why I call him dumb Ron Johnson.

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