Friday, September 16, 2011

Rep. Robin Vos after getting beer'ed: "I'm melting! melting! Oh, what a world!"

Shame on some of the liberal bloggers who have denounced the beer dousing of Rep. Robin Vos. This incidence wasn’t part of any official protest. It wasn't an action by a group of individuals protesting their representatives. This was a personal one on one dispute between two people, and an incident that has happened time and time again between common bar patrons. It's not something that needs to be encouraged, true, but let's all get a grip. 

But on a subconscious level, we’re being led to believe the elected elite are above such common disagreements. And the media and some progressive bloggers have bought into it. The man who dared to challenge one such leader courageously, and casually, turned himself in. From WKOW 27:
A Madison man turned himself in Thursday night for pouring a beer over the head of Republican state Rep. Robin Vos ... 26-year-old Miles Kristan walked into the police department downtown around 5:30 p.m.  He spoke with police officers, who gave him a ticket for disorderly conduct, a misdemeanor.
CJ Terrell and several of Kristan's friends spoke to reporters. 
"I've been trying to talk to Robin Vos now for over a month.  I go to his office, I leave my information, and they keep saying he's going to call me back, but I get nothing. I see him in the street and I ask 'Hey Robin, why won't you talk to me?'... he pretends I don't exist.," Terrell said.

In the bigger picture, Vos’ argument below is even scarier. It seems that if a citizen is constantly trying to get the ear of one of their elected officials but can't, they're accused of harassment. What a concept. We’re now being portrayed as bothersome by our elected elite.  
According to reports, Vos told police Kristan has been harassing him since February, but up until this point, it had only been verbal. Vos' office sent this email statement Thursday night:
"While I have long been a proponent of free speech, it's a shame when the expression turns into criminal behavior.  Legislators are regularly harassed by certain protestors and this is an unfortunate reminder of what lawmakers have to put up with every day in Madison.  Hopefully, the protestors will realize this only hurts their cause with the public."  
It's really an unfortunate reminder that lawmakers who don't listen, and ignore their constituents, will have to put up with the public's anger every day in Madison and around the state. Wanna bet Vos runs and hides at the sight of an approaching full glass of Miller Lite?

Sometimes we lose site of the big picture, and need to be reminded of the differences between conservative reactions and liberal, like this comment I received on YouTube:
He was lucky he got just a beer over his head, Giffords and friends were shot/and or murdered by the extremists following the logic of hate on the RIGHT/GOP.      

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