Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Walker Promised Jobs During these Difficult times. That excuses.

The title says it all for me, and should not be forgotten when lousy job numbers trickle out each and every month. Breaking even doesn't count either, since voters sent a loud and clear message they wanted jobs created in Wisconsin. That was the promise Gov. Scott Walker made, and blaming D.C. for the jobs slowdown doesn't cut it. Walker knew how bad the economy was when he grabbed power and still promised jobs. Well, we're waiting.

In the meantime, Walker might have failed to mention a number of jobs listed at the Jobs Center were out of state. Ooops:

PostCrescent: Nearly one-in-five of the jobs listed on a state website touted by Gov. Scott Walker as a resource for unemployed Wisconsin residents are actually located in neighboring states, according to an analysis by The Associated Press. More than 32,000 job openings were posted on the Job Center, but about 18 percent of them were in Illinois, Minnesota, Iowa and Michigan. It was unclear how many of those roughly 6,000 jobs could be filled through telecommuting, though many appeared to require on-site work.

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