Thursday, September 29, 2011

Walker Suspicious of Lazy Unemployed.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised, but I am. Sure we see cliched CEO's make condescending comments about the working class and unemployed, but I always thought they were only a small minority of zealots, who got caught on camera. Not so.

The wealthy "haves" appear to be suspicious of their "underlings," the lazy "rabble" who would just as soon take unemployment than create certainty in their lives and economic status. Hell, they're not rich, so they must be happy with poverty. 

Gov. Scott Walker, who's always in the company of these elite "job creators," is getting an earful and believing their load of crap:  
WPR: Gov. Scott Walker says he's looking at whether people on unemployment compensation are trying hard enough to make a quick return to the workplace. 
Walker met with business executives in Milwaukee at one of the governor's new by-invitation only jobs forums. Several executives told Walker that they have job openings, but contend some people who are out of work would rather take unemployment comp for as long as they can, rather than get hired. Walker says he supported the recent extension of unemployment benefits, but wants to see if people who get the aid are meeting enough of the requirements of the compensation program. 

The Republican continue to create more enemies of America, "the others" who are now the lazy unemployed. 
A laid-off factory worker from Kenosha says it's a slap in the face to hear employers say they can't find enough people to fill jobs, and then blame the unemployment compensation system. 

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