Friday, September 30, 2011

The New Protected Class: Concealed Carry Killers. Castle Doctrine- Courts to Ignore Carelessness.

For a party that hates regulation, we’re sure seeing a lot of it lately.

The Republican idea of deregulation is the addition of pages and pages of new regulations, protecting hospitals, doctors and corporations from the public.

Now after passing a dangerous concealed carry law, the old laws that were in place for decades protecting us from criminals, are too tough for “law” abiding citizens acting criminally. Instead of letting gun owners take responsibility for their use of deadly force, Republicans want to create special regulations protecting reckless use. Why don’t we just make gun owners a protected class?
Uppity Wisconsin/Wispolitics: The Assembly Committee on Judiciary and Ethics passed an amended version of the so-called "castle doctrine" bill, which would allow a person to use deadly force against anyone who unlawfully forces entry into their home, vehicle or business. The amended bill would also pertain to "existing structures" on residential property, including fences, driveways and porches. The bill also states that a judge or jury may not consider whether the owner had the opportunity to flee from those gaining entry.

But wouldn’t current law work?
State Bar of Wisconsin: Currently, it is not reasonable to use force intended or likely to cause death or great bodily (substantial) harm for the sole purpose of defending property. Deadly force is only justified if a person reasonably believes such force is necessary to defend against imminent death or substantial harm.

Under proposed legislation, a court must presume a resident was justified in killing a person, regardless of whether the resident reasonably believes the force is necessary to defend against imminent death or substantial harm, if certain conditions exist.

Amazing latitude, huh? You can kill now, and claim it was justified. This should be good news to crafty criminals and psychopaths. We’re slipping fast into a despotic societal norm we only thought possible in movies only. This is freedom  and liberty?


  1. Are you actually portraying Clint NEGATIVELY? There are no men more awesome than Clint Eastwood and that was a great movie, of which you are clearly ignorant of the point of it. Not surprising.
    Clint was a super-compassionate guy in that movie. But i guess he didn't wear a white hat so you didn't know.

    Anyways, I hate these blogs, they all suck. Poorly written, lack of any real critical thought, ZERO originality WHAT-SO-EVER. But I'm actually not a Republican, and sadly I'm bored right now and so here I be...but thank god my slumming was not in vain. Now I see I'm a Concealed Carry Protected Class Killer. Too awesome. Do I get Theme Music? I want something really sexy-yet-menacing.

    Of course, you have it all wrong. But why does that matter. The truth means little (oops! that sould read "nothing") on a blog. Left or right. There was a time when I thought the Left bloggers told The Truth. OMFG. What a series of painful let-downs.
    Y'all are liars and to no good purpose because people who actually DO know something about CC (and other issues) know you're all wrong here. You do not know the FIRST thing about this issue.

    There ARE problems with this law as passed by Walker et al. Those issues will lead to (have led to) confusion and also will probably mean the WI law is not supported by other states. But the lefty morons are too knee-jerk obvious to even bother to know what those problems are. It's far more important to just pump up Limbaugh-type hate and prejudicial stereotypes. Shame shame shame guys. You all crap on the truth so much you must suck Ex-Lax 24/7/365.

    I'll say it again - there are problems with this law (in relation to how other states have handled it) but you are too lazy-prejudiced-out-of-touch to bother to know what they are.

    Killers are not going all Wild West and no one can go around killing at will. Well, they already can (i.e. Columbine types), those kinds of people are NOT stopped by a CC law. The law is not about them at all, never was.

    But again, did I say you're a liar and full of crap? oh, well you can't hear it too much I guess. it seems to have no effect.

    but remember - BE AFRAID OF ME!!!! omg I just realized I am probably no longer able to vote for Obama. I mean, CLEARLY anyone who owns a gun is NOT INCLUDED in the cool kids and is a THUG.
    okay well, I've voted for Democrats since 1976 but I guess I'm a Bad Guy now. Tossed outta the club.
    Me and Clint, so misunderstood. We'll have to comfort each other. Yee ha, I guess there's a good side to everything.

  2. Clint's great. My crime, not seeing every movie made.

    Yes, AnnieK, we're all dolts compared to your "genius." Thank you so much for being so kind for giving me a response. I'm forever in your debt.

    My silly thoughts are so pedestrian. The truth, quoted directly from the facts presented and linked, mean nothing now.

    (start the scary music here) My opinion, which many might agree with, are lies by your standards. Observations are clueless attempts by ignorant bloggers to bring certain issues to the public's attention.

    The many cases of lawless cc killers getting off are long, and get press, and get space here on this blog. The fact that many cases never make the papers is also true. Without access to cc offender names in many states keeps violators hidden and improve the lying narrative of good hearted well intentioned cc owners.

    What is funny, sad, is you never really get to the "problems" in the law. Cutesy writing is boring.

    But thanks anyway.