Sunday, September 18, 2011

Voter ID Government Trickery to Make Citizens Pay when it should be Free, Results in Smear Campaign.

The guy who simply wanted to tell anyone asking for a voter ID that they may be free to that individual is a little worried about work place retribution. That also says a lot about the people in charge of the state departments to allow something like that to happen in the first place.

Chris Larsen was not only let go, but threatened with an investigation into his record to justify the offhand firing.

WKOW: A state worker who was fired after notifying colleagues about the availability of free, photo ID for voting told WKOW27 News he fears possible workplace hostility if officials reinstated him. Nearly two dozen state lawmakers have urged department of safety and professional services secretary Dave Ross to consider reinstating Chris Larsen.

Larsen was a limited term employee (LTE) in the department's mail room until he was fired last week. Larsen said the prospect of facing a hostile work place in the aftermath of his dismissal makes him question whether he wants his job back,  although Larsen said he would consider an equivalent job in a different state department.  But Larsen said even that prospect is discouraging. "They all seem to be kind of interconnected.   It just could be hostile anywhere I go."

And so goes the Republican style of disciplinary government.

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