Monday, September 26, 2011

Shooting range in Middle School? Nothing wrong with that?

Guns in schools would be crazy. Guns in school zones would be dangerous. But a shooting range actually in a middle school? It's the worst of both worlds...since 1955.
WisconsinOutdoorFun: "The shooting range housed in Urban Middle School since 1955 is gone, removed by the club that built Parents of Urban students began asking for information about how the school was being protected from lead residue. Environmental tests in 2007 revealed high levels of lead in the range's air and on surfaces.

But lead wasn't enough of an issue for these gun happy hobbyists. They hate those liberal complainers who love picking on conservative paranoids packin' heat.  
Reed Vanness, president of the Sheboygan Rifle & Pistol Club (said) "It was politics. There were a couple people who did not want us in the school. They decided to try to get us on lead contamination. 

But the best comment came from someone who should know better, the guy in charge for god's sake:
Superintendent Joe Sheehan seems to back up Vanness' opinion. "It's not the lead issue," Sheehan said at the time. "The question is having a facility with firearms on campus."
 Ya think?

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