Saturday, September 24, 2011

Let’s take whatever makes us Wisconsin, and destroy it. Like Butter.

Republicans have done everything they can to make us like every other state in the country. They've taken our state identity and crushed it with their ideological sledge hammer. Sure we have higher taxes, but we also have a better quality of life. Better schools, lower cost of living expenses to go along with our generally smaller paychecks, and great parks and lakes. That's what made us Wisconsin. 

Screw that. We want low taxes. Dairy state? Not anymore.

One numskull by the name of State Rep. Dale Kooyenga, and originally from south of the cheddar curtain, is trying to do away with a law that requires restaurants to offer you and me butter for crying out loud. Kooyenga said to the Journal-Sentinel the existing law is "silly, antiquated and anti-free market."

The Dairy state law is…silly? Silly us. I personally want the law to stay in place. I expect butter when I dine out. It makes going out to eat just that much better then eating cheap margarine at home. 

You know, maybe we don’t appreciate what we have in this state. Maybe we’re okay with an Illinois import like Kooyenga to make butter disappear.  Let’s do away with the dairy states buttery uniqueness.

Out of Georgetown, Texas, Food Renegade Kristen Michaelis wrote this amazing tale:  
It’s not where you think it is. Not long ago, someone was treating me to breakfast and took me to I.H.O.P. I asked the waiter if he could bring me butter, and he brought me margarine.

“Excuse me,” I asked him politely, “but do you have any butter butter? Real butter, I mean, not margarine?” His momentarily confused expression quickly passed, and then he promised to go ask his manager. Five minutes later, the manager came out and asked me what I wanted. I reiterated that I simply wanted some butter. I wasn’t trying to be a pain, but surely the restaurant had real butter somewhere back in the kitchen. Five minutes later, he returned. “We don’t have any butter,” he said. That big scoop of creamy, salty, yellow stuff on the pancakes you eat there? Margarine. The little single serving pats they bring out with your toast? Margarine. The “butter” you asked them to cook your eggs in instead of refined vegetable oil? Margarine.

Making this discovery started my quest. I wanted to see how many restaurants even had butter. Nearly half a year later, and can you guess what I’ve discovered?

One. One restaurant out of dozens. Over the past 6 months, I’ve eaten out more than I have at any other time in my life. I’ve been to small town cafes and expensive fine dining. I’ve been to the local, hip places serving grass-fed beef and the major restaraunts dishing up oysters and pate. But you’d expect more of them to have butter, wouldn’t you?

Wait till the Republicans find out about the "community" owned socialist Green Bay Packers.

Thanks to the Caledonia Patch and Janine Anderson for taking up the fight.


  1. When I first moved to Wisconsin, it was illegal for restaurants to serve anything BUT butter. Sigh.

  2. My parents took us all to the Illinois border to buy colored oleo margarine. Color was not allowed to mimic butter.

    So I've been through this whole thing and got used to butter everywhere.

    I would hate to see it disappear completely, and that's what would happen.

  3. Republicon State Rep. Dale Kooyenga
    has clearly gotten a payoff from one of the large food processing conglomerates. Not only do the Cons want to destroy democracy they want to clog our arteries with hydrogenated vegetable oil. Compared to that chemically concocted crap, butter is practically a health food.

  4. I'm with anonymous. This, like everything else a Republican has proposed since 1988, cannot be explained by any desire to promote the general welfare. Like everything else they do, the most apparent effect is profit for some segment of the ownership class.

    Butter IS more healthy than hydrogenated vegetable fats. Consumer demand can be observed by the shrinking margarine section in your dairy case. Check it out; I saw only one brand of stick margarine on a recent trip to the grocery. Margarine manufacturers must be hurting.

    Bur restaurants can get away with using only the cheap unhealthy stuff, if those who are entrusted with our general welfare allow.

  5. If you don't like margarine, try "Diet, Imitation, Margarine Substitute"......from the people who brought you New Coke and Space Food Sticks.