Thursday, September 22, 2011

Wisconsin Republicans: They aren't "Leaders," they're Whiny Victims of their own Arrogance.

What would you call a Republican Party that wants to rule with an iron fist? Or demands order by instituting a police state to discourage people from demonstrating at their state Capitol? What would you call a party that denounces pubic protests and vilifies peaceful citizens as thugs and vandals?

What would you think of a party that wants order, respect and an appreciation for the rule of law, but blatantly and arrogantly does just the opposite?

In their own words, here are a few examples of that party's vision of our state and country. Sen. Alberta Darling on protesters and the unfortunate and preventable consequences of one party authoritarian rule:

Radio talker Vicki McKenna is still trying to comprehend why anyone would protest Walker's form of government, and consoles a listener who saw "so much hate in their eyes."

Saving the most outlandish authoritarian viewpoint of all for last, here's all the Nass statements I have so far:

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