Sunday, September 18, 2011

Republican Presidential Candidates Support Medicare Drug Plan, their own idea, that'll add $7 Trillion to the deficit.

I’m mystified the Democratic powers that be aren’t digging up campaign gold to use against the completely incompetent Republicans. Hell, I found this at Fox News:
It's a massive health care entitlement with unfunded future costs over $7 trillion. But when the Republican presidential candidates were asked last week asked if they would repeal the Medicare drug benefit, they said no way. After all, Republicans created it. 

Sure, go ahead, pinch yourself. Even Fox News can’t cover-up this one horrifically expensive deficit expanding truth.
Republicans want to pull the plug on the health care overhaul they call "Obamacare," but that law is arguably less a deficit driver than the Medicare drug plan they are defending. 

And why is that?
Medicare recipients pay only one-fourth of the cost of the drug benefit. Because there's no dedicated tax to support the program, the other three-fourths comes from the government's general fund. That's the same leaky pot used for defense, law enforcement, education and other priorities. It's regularly refilled with borrowed dollars that balloon the deficit. 

And every one of the Republican presidential candidates won’t repeal a $7 trillion boondoggle?
Although the health care law costs far more than the drug benefit, it's paid for, at least on paper. 

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