Friday, September 16, 2011

"Walker Go Home" Greets Gov. visiting Lexington, Kentucky.

It couldn't happen to a more deserving guy. According to the Hillbilly Report:

Union busting Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker was greeted by protesters, in Lexington, Kentucky today September 15, 2011. There were more folks protesting at Republican Candidate for Kentucky governor David Williams' event than supporters. 

Keep reminding yourself that this is in Kentucky, not here. 

No, we don't want him back. Stay there, please...oh god don't come back.

The Cap Times rightly pointed out the obvious:
Gov. Scott Walker can't seem to go anywhere without raising a ruckus. Thursday he was in Lexington, Ky., campaigning for Republican gubernatorial candidate David Williams, which led some 70 protesters to stand outside the event in the rain chanting "Walker go home!" It's interesting to me that Walker is apparently considered a political plus in Kentucky (Kenton County Republican Party Chairman Greg Shumate told the Cincinnati Enquirer that Walker's endorsement of Williams "speaks volumes to David's commitment to fiscal conservatism") but kept far away from the recall elections of Republican state senators last month in Wisconsin.

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