Monday, August 1, 2011

Far Right Tea Party Authoritarians have Small picnic celebrating Government Regulations limiting our freedom to be in Unions and Vote.

Far Right Repubican/Tea Party members never stop whining about Big Government, except when they use it to limit everyone else’s right to certain freedoms.

These extremist tea party militias have been taken way to seriously. If we acted like adults from the beginning, we would have never given these school yard bullies a platform. But the media seemed fascinated by these barbarians at our gate.

Tea Party membership requires every Borg like follower to make wildly ironic generalizations.  
JUDY NEWMAN-WSJ: About 125 Tea Party members gathered at Badger Prairie Park on Saturday (in Verona) to share a picnic and politics.

"We support the Constitution," said Stacy Horne, Monona. "It means that the people are the government; the government doesn't tell us how we are to live." 

But three of the bills being celebrated by this anemically small crowd of tea party picnickers did exactly that; 
…cuts in collective bargaining rights for public employees; voter ID requirements; and allowing citizens to carry concealed guns. 

Big Government Republicans telling us how to live? Of course. We got more regulations, bureaucratic paper work and wasted taxpayer money so they could take away our freedom to be in unions, jump through government hoops to vote, and forced us to live in fear around trigger happy paranoid strangers carrying guns.  

But like everything down their rabbit hole, this tea party picnic celebrated the Mad Hatter’s "moderate" political voice:
Tea Party members are not Republicans or members of the "far right" but are "just concerned citizens ... ordinary folks from all walks of life who share a common view that big government is not the answer to their problems; big government is the problem," said Brad Smith, Oregon. 

It is now.

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