Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Wisconsin Losing the will to Fight and Recall Walker!

Is it just the lazy days of summer or have the Democratic voters in the state seen the stubborn side of conservative voters, who turn out in droves so they could maintain their draconian austere vision of government? 

Either way the taste for a Scott Walker recall is turning sour, and the massive effort to stop the Republican/tea party abuse has been frustrating. The net effect of all the negative ads from the last recall effort, that defeated two entrenched Republicans, was a desire to never see another one of them again. 

So it comes as no surprise that PPP turned up this agonizing result:  
The Atlantic: Today, as Wisconsin votes in the last of this summer's congressional recall elections, Public Policy Polling released the results of a new survey showing diminishing support for a recall of the anti-union governor Scott Walker. Now, by a razor-thin 50 to 47 percent margin, the state's voters are generally opposed to a recall. Those numbers are the exact opposite from the outfit's poll in May.


  1. Wisconsin isn't losing the will to fight and recall Walker, We never had it.

    After all, We elected him.

  2. Stop the hate. Vote D!

  3. It's a bit early to be looking at polls on this question. Walker isn't even eligible for a recall until next year. In politics, that's a very long time.

  4. True, it is early to look at Walker's recall, but time also has a way of cooling the fire. I want him out, and will do all I can to make his record front and center.

  5. There is a margin of error in these polls, one that is identified as if it is precisely known but there is also an error that is unknown.

    Not blaming you, but to proclaim that the difference is significant and now has real meanings, especially when the repugs forced fake primaries and dragged this all into the mud, is just misrepresenting the poll.

    What the poll really shows is that he is vulnerable and, coupled with his approval rating and the fact that dems bet 2 repug in the redest-of-red WI means that there IS interest in a recall and that we can succeed

  6. The pay cuts haven't hit yet. When they do, it will reinvigorate many. Then with the reduction in spending, businesses will feel the pinch as will governmental units facing reduced tax revenues.

    These changes will initiate a new economic downturn in the state and republican areas won't be immune.

    Then poll the voters about recalls....

  7. It's August and the end of the long Recall campaigns: Affirmative response numbers to almost any question will be depressed. especially the question: Hey, let's have another recall?

    The fatigue will lighten up and come November-January, we'll see just how strong and pervasive the desire for change is.

    I mean the City of Fond du Lac went Democratic in the Aug. 9 recall.

    I would like the see the message and visuals of the ads change, though: Scenes of blocked legislators tackled by GOP cops, Medal detector shots at the capitol, Koch-Walker audio, lots of Walker shots and so on.

    It's against the law to bet on elections in Wisconsin; but it were not, the recall of Scott Walker is a safe bet. Don't worry.

  8. OMG there you go again.
    A Walker recall is SOME SERIOUS SHIT. Just as a stand-alone concept
    THEN!!!! add in the fact that they don't have a guy worth a tinker's damn to put up against him yet!!! It sure ain't Barrett. So yeah at this point PPP (and god I hate pollsters and wish they'd stfu anyways) is encountering some very sobered-up and glum folks. The Prez race is gonna suck and cost obscene amounts of money
    So ha! lets' add a mid-stream Goober race onto that and then of course right after that it's time for another normal Goober race. Plus all the law suits and challenges and bullcrap that are going to be running concurrently with the Walker recall

    So. Next time the Democrats need to get a balls-to-the-wall candidate that spends ALL his cashs like he means it and vistis (and I mean really goddam vists eye-to-eye) ALL the areas of the state and not JUST the sure fire insider donors behind closed doors in safe and nicely decorated upscale homes and stays there in Milwaukee like that's the whole state and to hell with the Unwashed Masses.

    A Walker win was FAVORED by the mood of the tea party crapola, but was 3000% guaranteed because a pisspoor Dem effort was made. Barrett ran an elitist sanitized lazy-ass vacuous campaign.
    End of story.
    Self-pitying runs rampant.
    Lesson not learned.

    If the Democrats magically found a good candidate that would enable people who are feeling really beaten up right now to have an actual vision of something concrete, a real leader, A MESSAGE that sounds real, some kind of POSITIVE concept (and not just "no-Walker" which means a VOID in people's minds, what they offer now is purely NEGATIVE), then they will fire up. If the Democrats can not do better than offer the public a Void, then yeah, the public has had enough destruction of Institutions and if that's what is offered, no one wants a recall.