Thursday, August 25, 2011

Prosser off the hook, blames Justice Bradley for scurrilous charges!!! Lawless Activist Supreme Court Sad Example of Conservative Justice.

In what was a totally expected outcome, Justice Prosser’s workplace intimidation and harassment is okay, according to the Republicans Sauk County DA Patricia Barrett.

Nothing will be done to the bully. Nothing will change for this serial verbal and physical assaulter. Nothing.
jsonline: Neither Supreme Court Justice David Prosser nor fellow Justice Anne Walsh Bradley will face criminal charges for an altercation this summer involving the two, a special prosecutor has determined.

"The totality of the facts and the circumstances and all of the evidence that I reviewed did not support my filing criminal charges," Sauk County District Attorney Patricia Barrett said in an interview Thursday.

In typical bully fashion, Prosser couldn’t wait to blame the victim, Justice Anne Bradley, for trying to stop his abuse. This guy is a psycho.
In a statement, Prosser praised the prosecutor and slammed Bradley: "Justice Anne Walsh Bradley made the decision to sensationalize an incident that occurred at the Supreme Court . . . ," Prosser said in a statement. "I was confident the truth would come out and it did. I am gratified that the prosecutor found these scurrilous charges were without merit.

Without merit? Then why does Bradley continue to insist on a little workplace safety?
In her own statement, Bradley said the case "is and remains an issue of workplace safety."
But it was more than that, and you don't have to read between the lines:

"I well understand the difficulty of gaining any criminal conviction.  The prosecution’s burden of proof is very heavy, as it should be."
She wasn't done:
"My focus from the outset has not been one of criminal prosecution, but rather addressing workplace safety. I contacted law enforcement the very night the incident happened but did not request criminal prosecution. Rather I sought law enforcement's assistance to try to have the entire court address informally this workplace safety issue that has progressed over the years," Bradley said in the statement. "To that end, chief of (Capitol Police Charles) Tubbs promptly met with the entire court, but the efforts to address workplace safety concerns were rebuffed. Law enforcement then referred the matter for a formal investigation and I cooperated fully with the investigation."

"With the potential for prosecution now eliminated, I will renew my efforts to seek the cooperation of my colleagues on the court to resolve this progressive workplace safety issue. With the continued cooperation of others both on court staff and outside the court, I remain committed to the goal that we can achieve the safe workplace that all employees - private and public - are entitled to have under the law," Bradley said.

Poor Justice Prosser, victim of “scurrilous charges.” Thanks to Prosser, the court has lost all it’s credibility. 

From WMTV 15 News:

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  1. Okay. But also remember this the next time you see some HUGE scandal involving a rape charge against some uber-popular Sports Douche and please remember this when the female is absolutely trashed and when the Sports Douche cries on camera, gets PILES of sympathy and knee-jerk (yeah) defense from his fans, who hatehatehate on the female and are 1000% sure she is a lying tramp not worth spitting on. Because we just can't seem to take the unbearable pain of thinking our big hero Sports Douches are actually...douches.

    This is NOT a statement about the conservatives in America and NOT a statement about Prosser but is instead just the way "we" handle this sort of thing here in America. Period.
    If this had reached any other conclusion, I think the shock would have killed me. I DID wonder if the fact that the complainant was a Judge might make some difference but ultimately, it's about genitalia, not The Truth.
    The Judge gets the same treatment as the semi-literate Dominican hotel worker.
    All them females iz liars. (Plus, I'm pretty sure she wanted it bad.)
    Really next time you get all Boo-Hoo and indignant over some "bogus charge" against your fave Sports Douche may my unrelenting Curse of Remembrance come back to haunt you.