Sunday, August 21, 2011

Dumb Ron Johnson not good for kids, even if he likes being seen with them.

Is Ron Johnson’s book reading to kids an exercise in subversive conservative “brainwashing?"

If a story had focused on a Democratic politician reading to a bunch of kids you know we'd never hear the end of it. Hell, that’s why Walker went after the teachers in the first place, they’re all liberals. Let’s no lose sight of that.

In this little story, Ron Johnson read a fellow liberals children’s book, and she was none to happy about it. Ron Johnson met the kids at a local community health center:
Cap Times: "How do Dinosaurs Clean Their Rooms?" by Yolen and Mark Teague, is a story of lovable dinosaurs, and Johnson did a respectable job reading it. But Yolen's comment makes it clear she is not keen on having her work and young fans used as props by a senator whose policies and politics she disagrees with.

"I wish he would help kids and not cut those programs that help them, rather than just reading a book chosen for him, and written by a progressive Massachusetts liberal like me," she sighs in her comment. (The media event also provided publicity for the literacy program Reach Out and Read and the Access Community Health Centers , though as I note in my original post, some critics feel policies Johnson and other conservative Republicans support could cripple these programs.)

Yolen wrote: I was alternately amused, bemused, and annoyed. Not at the writer of the article, but at the co-opting of my book for a politician's photo op … He is a Republican junior senator associated with the Tea Party. And that makes me think that either he is 1. A True Believer in the Tea Party NoNothingness which frightens me or 2. Kowtowing to it for votes which possibly frightens me more. Since the Tea Party (and alas much of the Republican Party these days) are the ones behind the notions of breaking unions, throwing librarians out of their jobs, and defunding education, I think it is more than a tad bit disingenuous for such politicians to be out in libraries reading books to children who will have no libraries to visit if we listen to the Tea Party.
Wow, all that from someone who has actually heard of our elusive and detached politician.

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