Monday, August 29, 2011

Republican Goal: Erasing the Democratic Influence on America. They did it in Wisconsin.

The Republican Tea Party are not only trying to hand the country over to private corporate interests, but they're trying awfully hard to erase the Democratic Party's influence since the birth of the nation. We've already gotten a few clues from the conservative anger over a number of Constitutional Amendments.

Here are two video clips that couldn't make the point clearer. The overall message is unsettling; the eradication of their opposition, make any changes made by Democrats seem only temporary, and one party rule.

Take Michele Bachmann's promise on the campaign trail:

Here's what the Republican takeover in Wisconsin did under Scott Walker (1:18 into the clip):

There has to be a time when Democrats realize our political system, as directed by the Republican Tea Party, has turned into a death match over who will ultimately rule.

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