Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Rep. Steve Nass says City and County Leaders Encouraged the influx of protesters to the Capitol.

It's hard to imagine a dumber person in out state legislature than Rep. Steve Nass. This rabid opponent of honesty and anything reasonable stepped over the line this time, with a flaccid attempt to blame the "liberals" and Democrats for the unreasonably high security costs at the Capitol. In reality, those costs were run up by a frightened paranoid conservative legislature. My story here.

Nass and his soon to be armed to the teeth "hero brigade" of concealed carriers recklessly spent the ungodly amount of $8 million to protect themselves from teachers, firefighters, K-12 students, and police officers. The miraculously peaceful protests never required the type of security Republicans thought they needed, so in one final feeble attempt to avoid accountability, Nass is now passing off his parties incompetence to "liberals" and the Madison police for, get this, encouraging the protests.
Nass: "As far as I'm concerned they did not earn that money. Of course Madison seeing an opportunity to get money, for something they don't deserve, they'll grab it.  In fact, I think the people who arranged the protests ought to be the ones billed, and that would be the unions."

Having attended 7 or more protests at the Capitol, never once did I get my marching orders from "union bosses." And I'm sure the same can be said of everyone else there. We don't take orders, like our Republicans friends apparently do, in this fine example of conservative projection.

Nass is nuts.

Nass and the Republican administration are trying to freeloader off the Capitol cities services again. Big surprise.  Maybe they would be happier setting up shop someplace else...

Nass also wanted to repeal the racist mascot law, and was one of the loudest voices bad mouthing Wisconsin as the worst place to do business.

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