Sunday, August 21, 2011

Romney promotes "businesses are people," a variation of "corporations are people."

Mitt Romney is actually saying it wrong. "Corporation are people," are really, "people" in the singular form. The same for "businesses are people." Not the group of people, Romney is suggesting in the ad below. A corporation is a legal entity on paper, that supposedly has constitutional rights, and is equal to one person, according to the Roberts Supreme Court. 

It's all part of their god complex I guess, where they have the power to create a "person." 
Republican presidential front-runner Mitt Romney took a lot of flak from Democrats last week after he said that “corporations are people.” In a new web ad, the former Massachusetts governor sticks to his guns, Politico reports.

"Astonishing to think businesses aren't people. What do they think they are, little men from Mars?" 
“Businesses are comprised of people,” he said in the video. “I'm talking about repair shops, and gas stations, and beauty salons, and restaurants. I'm talking about Apple computer, Facebook, and Microsoft. I'm talking about businesses that employ people.”

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