Monday, August 29, 2011

The Drum Beat Goes On: The Parasitic Welfare State blah, blah, blah

Always fascinated by the far right wing, I thought this bizarre piece of Dickensian tripe pretty much sums up how the writer, Richard Brodie, hates the only America he’s ever known. Conservatives like Brodie always describe a brutal dystopian system of punishments and authoritarian “leaders.” In fact the word “leader” is cropping up more and more on the right. Rep. Paul Ryan is constantly complaining how the people are looking for “leaders,” like him. No Paul, you aren’t our leader, but our servant and representative.

Right away in Brodie’s piece, he misses his own point:
When I asked our next-door neighbor, a well-known African-American movie actor, why his three healthy, middle-aged brothers didn’t have jobs when, as the actor complained, they were continually “hitting [him] up for money”, he answered—“They wouldn’t dream of getting a job: they’d lose their welfare!” This statement sums up the poisonous deterrent to personal initiative and the subsequent production of personal sloth engendered by the creation of the welfare state…
Brodie inadvertently pointed out how wealth can turn close relatives into family beggars and leaches. It says more about concentrated wealth in an elitist society of “haves” than the welfare state. Brodie then picks on protesting citizens, because not only is it bad to question authority, but they are also demanding…welfare?
Today … hordes of picketers can be seen in public demanding this or that form of welfare, almost proudly proclaiming their indigence. Electoral politics have even encouraged officials, a preponderance of them Democrats, to be forthcoming with government handouts as a way of buying whole classes of future voters, and let the country be damned.
Racism is alive and well:
A particularly egregious form of welfare is Aid to Single Mothers, a subsidy that not only encourages dependency but that actually discourages marriage, destroying any semblance of family life. In the Afro-American community, for example … So when the public cringes at the current unemployment numbers, particularly among minorities, they should avoid the clarion calls to “compassion” and realize that not only will more government doles foster more parasitism, but that a significant percentage of these unemployed are already in a huge and growing sub-class of people who “wouldn’t dream of getting a job—because they’d lose their welfare!”
It’s all about racism and “leaders.”
What we need is leaders who have the intelligence and the integrity to realize that putting people on the dole creates a class—and eventually a nation—of parasites, a catastrophe for any nation.
And finally, here’s where the author lets us in on his dirty little secret; he’s projecting. He’s one of those lazy money grubbing parasites. Thus, everybody else must be too…?
Even I, who loathe the idea of welfare, have experienced the seductive appeal of free government money. When I was laid off of my job five years ago I discovered that unemployment compensation, which I knew would last for a year, was quite adequate to live on, which I did for almost the whole year before looking for another job. To my great shame I interpreted it as a paid year’s vacation… 

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