Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New Berlin and Greenfield Teachers now like store clerks and hired help. Bashers Sacrifice Kids to Trash Teachers.

Education is on its way out, make room for the private sector. Teacher handbooks have replaced union contracts. The handbooks are now austere political statements by GOP board members that supposedly will save taxpayers money. I say supposedly, because no amount of savings will be enough for anti-union, anti-teacher conservative voters.

Conservative talk show flunkies are now organizing counter protesters at teacher/board/public meetings to jazz up their ratings and vilify our educators, like the example below in New Berlin. I attached a concluding clip from a Greenfield meeting as well to show teacher discontent created by the Walker agenda.

Collective bargaining is gone, there's no doubt about that, but what has replaced it is chaos and politics. Our schools are now filled with a frustrated angry workforce that has little community support.

jsonline: In a meeting where teachers alternatively were cheered and booed … the school board meeting Monday night encapsulated the drama that continues to surround the role of teachers unions in the state.

At issue was New Berlin's employee handbook, which the board approved in a unanimous vote, but not before teachers spoke about their lack of input and how the new rules could negatively affect their work and the district's reputation.

Squad cars were parked outside with lights flashing. Teachers and union supporters - from New Berlin and other cities - clapped and cheered for their peers. The other half of the audience appeared keen on keeping taxes low and supporting Walker. They cheered when the board approved the handbook.

New Berlin Education Association President Diane Lazewski said "I would be surprised to see any other handbook as punitive as ours." Leslie Potter, a teacher at New Berlin West who left a mechanical engineering career to become a teacher in 1997, told the board the new rules in the handbook required her to work more hours but limited the time she could spend working with students. She also said it eliminated any reference to prep time for teachers.

After teachers spoke, a citizen took the microphone and said he represented the 5.5 million taxpayers in Wisconsin who were in favor of Walker doing what he was elected to do. Applause broke out in the auditorium as the teachers and union supporters sat silent. They walked out before the man was finished speaking.

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