Monday, August 22, 2011

Thank you Scott Walker & Fitzgerald brothers: Public Employees to pay up to $1,000 more toward Insurance on top of everything else.

Looks like the Republicans snuck one by their employees. Aren’t they great managers of state government? Look out retired seniors on a fixed income, the Republicans are about to kick you out of your home, with another added cost. What a way to treat grandma.
David Taylor, 61, a retired 25-year state employee (said), "This could have a huge impact on people. There are a lot of folks on fixed income."

Is this what Walker meant when he wanted voters give his policies a chance to do their thing? 

thenorthwestern: Officials with the state Department of Employee Trust Funds unveiled another hit to members' wallets last week — a coinsurance payment that could cost them up to $1,000 a year … while most of the changes, which come as the result of the new collective bargaining law, were expected, the new coinsurance payment was a surprise to some.

More than 183,000 public workers face the new coinsurance payment plan … The new coinsurance plan doesn't kick in until January 2012. Similar to a co-payment, coinsurance will require recipients to pay 10 percent of costs associated with office visits and other medical services. The annual out-of-pocket cost will not exceed $500 for a single member, or $1,000 for a family. 

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