Monday, August 29, 2011

More: GOP Divided, Conquered Union Labor, but now wants to March in Their Parade. How sick is that?

Thank you Republican/tea party politicians for supporting non-union private sector labor “rights” that continue their downward trajectory of dwindling benefits and lower wages. Who do these union employees think they are, with their high pay and benefits packages; Wall Street CEO’s?

From WSAW and WAOW

It looks like they won’t be able to dance on the grave of Wisconsin’s unions in this year’s Labor Day Parade in Wausau:
WSAW: City Council president Randy Radtke says they choose not to invite elected officials who have "openly attacked worker's rights" or did nothing to intervene. "When Scott Walker leveled his assault on workers and workers rights, the local Republicans followed in lock step with him." Radtke says Labor Day is about honoring hard working people, "They only want something to do with us one day out of the year," Radtke says. "What about the other 364? What about those? Why now..why this one day?"

A step he says doesn't follow the values of Labor Day. "They wanna walk one way and talk the other way," Radtke said. "The reason Labor Day was brought about was to recognize the achievements that the labor unions have accomplished over the years." He says the Labor Council stands by their decision to ban Republicans and, "a little name calling is not going to deter them."

To show how out of touch some tea party politicians are, you don’t have to look any further than State Sen. Pam Galloway, who seemed to miss the influence unions had on private sector holidays, hours and benefits.
Sen. Galloway says unions are only a fraction of the labor represented in the parade and only part of what the parade is all about. "I'm a worker, you're a worker, we're not represented by unions."

Galloway's response might offer another clue as to why conservatives don’t seem to understand the devastating impact of attacking the union movement. Rep. Sean Duffy even chose to repackage the Labor Day parade, as a “family friendly event,” instead of a celebration of union labor and work place rights that benefited every American family.  
Rep. Sean Duffy's office said, "Having walked in this parade in past years, Congressman Duffy was hoping that for a moment, we could set our differences aside and simply have some fun in a family-friendly event."

After dividing workers in this state, and vilifying teachers and public employees, the state GOP is whining about that same division that has left them on the outside looking in.
The Republican Party of Lincoln County says the tradition of a shared event will now end over "petty and short sighted anger toward legally elected officials.  

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