Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Dopey Mud Slinger Reince Priebus, still thinks he can get away with rank hypocrisy. He’s caught in another one…

Reince Priebus, the Barney Fife of the far right, continues to be caught in lie after lie, contradiction after contradiction. His whole act is based on portraying his own phony attacks as gospel truth, which he uses to convince the base that anything else is a lie. It works for some reason. Like his phony outrage over Obama’s...tour bus?:
Chicago Tribune: “We think this is an outrage that taxpayers of this country would have to foot the bill so the campaigner in chief can run around in his Canadian bus and act as if he’s interested in creating jobs in our country that needed them, when he’s been ignoring the issue while he’s been in the White House,” RNC Chair Reince Priebus said in a conference call to reporters. “I think he should spend a little bit more time in the White House and doing his job as opposed to running around in Canadian buses and planning his next vacation in Martha’s Vineyard,” he said.

But no mention was made by Reince Priebus or Illinois GOP Chairman Pat Brady that a re-election seeking President George W. Bush used a bus from the same manufacturer, Quebec-based Prevost, for a spring 2004 “Yes, America Can” campaign tour through the Midwest. 

Doh!! Don’t forget, while the Republicans can campaign and attack Obama, the president is not allowed that luxury until the Republicans say he can leave the White House. 

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