Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Conservative Terrorist Threats!!! True. Obama Confronts Tea Party Loon.

29 year old tea party loudmouth and now icon Ryan Rhodes, and a female standing next to him, rambled on about being called terrorists by Biden and Homeland Security, and the wisdom of passing a balance budget amendment. 

1. The truth: The Southern Poverty Law Center came out with a list of American terrorist groups, many of them conservative, and Homeland Security's Sec. Janet Napolitano mentioned their findings. Conservatives went nuts and Napolitano did what any spineless Democrat would do, apologize for the telling the truth. The Truth: And who cares if Biden called tea party politicians terrorist (he didn't) for holding the nation hostage. 

2. The dumb idea: The balanced budget amendment is so ridiculous that anyone who believes in it has no credibility, none...ever.  They're rude and bullies, for example: 

“It doesn’t sound like you’re interested in listening,” Obama told him.

 “You haven’t listened either,” Rhodes shot back.

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