Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tort Reform Crazy Texas Starts Frivolous Lawsuit over Romance Novel

Don’t mess with Texas…hypocrites and religious sexual prudes.
Houston Press: It's official: The Texas Department of Transportation hates bodice-rippers. Especially the modern ones with their manly, barechested men cradling lissome, sassy cowgirls. Especially if they involve former-cop PIs named "Dallas O'Connor." And especially if they try to name themselves Don't Mess With Texas.

TxDOT has filed suit against publisher Hachette Book Group, Barnes & Noble and author Christie Craig over the use of their trademark motto. "The book," TxDOT's suit says, "contains numerous graphic references to sexual acts, states of sexual arousal, etc." Selling it at Barnes & Noble, which sells many TxDOT materials with the slogan, would cause irreparable harm, the agency says.

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