Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Teaching business has us where they want us: Desperate, poorer!

In one fell swoop, Gov. Walker proudly destroyed the teaching profession and turning dedicated educators into dime a dozen hired help. And just wait till you see the new revised handbook next year…
Brookfield Patch: The Elmbrook School Board adopted a new employee handbook without the teacher protests seen in some districts — a testament to the professionalism of staff and district's collaborative efforts, leaders say.

But next year or the year after that…who knows. But even worse, the abusive methods used to increase hours with no compensation have only just begun. Petty dictates like banning microwaves, refrigerators and coffee machines is another way to depersonalize a teachers classroom and style. 

Politically elected board members will advance their individual pet peeves and disagreements to the detriment of researched practices and skills. And in a tight jobs market, if any one dares to object, there are plenty more to choose from:  
And interest in Elmbrook teaching positions remains high, with as many as 378 applicants for one first-grade opening at Dixon Elementary … 43 newly hired full-time teachers will greet students … A second-grade opening at Swanson drew 356 applicants … And a last-minute posting on Aug. 24 and 25 to hire a Burleigh teacher drew 274 applicants.

The interest comes despite the fact that new and veteran teachers will soon have less take-home pay, fewer sick leave accruals and redesigned Elmbrook health plans with higher deductibles.

They have us where they want us. Desperate.

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