Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Far Right Talker McKenna Claims Liberals Want to Ban Tea Party Speech.

Right wing radio talker Vicki McKenna isn't shy about sounding dumb as a board to her breathless listeners. Having just talked to a right wing UW Oshkosh professor who warned parents not to spend money at our liberal state university, McKenna apparently couldn't control her anti-education momentum.

How come I didn't know about the liberal attempts to pass a law shutting down the free speech rights of the Tea Party? I must have missed that edition of our secret liberal talking point memo.

Vicki's contradictions were many. While wrongly accusing liberals of advancing relativism, she ironically points out in the clip below that there are two sides, three sides, ten sides to an argument. That's not just a bad case of relativism, but McKenna is indirectly suggesting that there are just as many "truths" to be made.

Another takeaway from the audio clip is this; our founding fathers, dead white guys as she calls them, endorsed slavery and racism in the Constitution. So in the coded language of the right wing, a constitutional conservative is a supporter of the values laid out by our (shhh, racist) founding fathers.

Vicki's own college education may have been part of a botched experimental mind control project by a bunch of liberal professors. Their attempts to indoctrinate her may have turned her into a confused and breathless blithering idiot.


  1. Do you know the professor's name. I am trying to find out, but didn't write it down. I need to find out more about this right-wing nut job.

  2. I didn't get the name. It might be in a podcast for her last hour on WISN.