Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Randi Rhodes explains the United States to a Tea Party Voter.

I loved this debate between Randi Rhodes and a tea party voter. The tea partier wants to get rid of government, hand over his control of government (the people, remember), and give everything to the free market (corporations). Then, it's survival of the fittest. Since there is no government, there won't be the influence of money, which according to the caller, is the problem. Yikes. Rhodes is at her best here.

These angry irrational party followers really don't get it...at all.


  1. What's it going to take for the Tea Party to understand that we the people have the power with our votes. Voters need to vote out the people that are being influenced and bought by big money and vote in people that are for "we the people" and not corporate America. By wanting to give everything away to the the free markets...who do they think will be there to protect us? No one!

  2. I think what Rhodes said near the end should be remembered well by everyone engaging with a teabagger in conversation. Those advocating for smaller government and lesser regulations are advocating against the only power people have - the government - and teabaggers want to replace people power with corporate power. It resonates.