Monday, August 22, 2011

If Cap and Trade is a job killer, why aren’t requested Utility Rate hikes Job Killers too?

The state utility companies are always raising rates on costumers, whether it’s for higher energy costs or for new and updated facilities. They do this instead of lowering stock holder dividends and smaller profits. After all, investing in your own business shouldn’t cost you anything, especially when all you have to do in an uncompetitive market is just jack the price up. Customers, rate payers, can’t just buy heat and electricity from a “competitor.”

So why aren’t Republicans getting twisted out of shape when utilities request rates that go through the roof? EPA regulations getting tighter? Funny, they didn’t see that coming either.
Biz JournalWisconsin Public Service Corp.  said Friday that it is seeking permission to boost a requested increase to its retail electric rates to 6.8 percent in light of new air pollution rules issued last month by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. WPS said in order to comply with the EPS' new air pollution rules, it must either install emission controls, limit operation of its generating units, or purchase emission "allowances" from the market. The utility said it expects to operate its coal-fired plants less in 2012 because emission allowances may be costly and have limited availability and the short time-frame of the mandated reductions hampers the ability to meet the limits through the installation of emission controls.

Caught by surprise? They didn’t think they would have to be a good neighbor and business by not polluting? But coal is clean now, isn’t it. So much bullshit. 

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