Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Private Internet Providers hate government competition, but gladly take our money to help Rural Areas get Service.

Here in Wisconsin, private internet companies are suing the state for providing service coverage in areas the profiteers didn’t find profitable at the time, but are now whining is unfair. Cry me a river.

They’re now about to look even more like money grubbing losers, when they start taking taxpayer money to supply rural areas with high speed internet service. We shouldn’t give them a dime.
USA Today: Policymakers, public interest groups and telecom companies are seeking to bridge the digital divide by reaching even the most remote pockets of the U.S. with broadband Internet, hoping to improve economic and educational opportunities there. "There's a big gap that remains between rural and urban areas because it's just hard to make a business case in rural areas," said Jonathan Adelstein, the agriculture department's rural utilities service administrator.  "Rural areas' future depends upon access to broadband and we're not where we need to be today."

But with taxpayer handouts, the telecom companies are suddenly all gung ho about giving farmers and small towns the opportunity to make a whole lot more money through a high speed internet connection.

Without taxpayer help, the “free market” would never have spent a dime of their own to help expand commerce.
The USDA funding is just one of several federal, state and local programs working to expand Internet access to rural parts of the country.

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