Friday, August 26, 2011

Rattled Ron Johnson Irrational, Disjointed! Can We Afford this?

Ron Johnson got a pass in the media before he won his senate seat. But we're finding out that when he is confronted with real questions and follow-ups, like the ones here from Fox 6’s Mike Lowe, you can see there’s nothing there but a panic stricken deer in the headlights look from a loser with no real answers.

FOX 6 Reporter Mike Lowe: To a lot of people the vote to raise the debt ceiling should have been a no-brainer. Now, the credit worthiness of the United States has been called into question. The ability of the nation to pay its debts has been cast in doubt. At the end of the day was all the posturing worth it and how did it help improvise business conditions or the overall economy?

Ron Johnson: We're not providing very good leadership at this time.

Ain’t that the truth. Reporter Lowe assumed Johnson was talking about Obama, but I thought he was talking about his party’s inability to compromise and solve the nation’s problems.
Mike Lowe: You're making the case that President Obama is ill equipped to deal with our economic problems, why is that?

Ron Johnson: He has absolutely no experience in the private sector at all.

Mike Lowe: But the title is President of the United States not CEO of America industries. The main goal of a corporation is to take a profit, a nation has many goals not the last of which is to ensure the wellbeing of all its citizens.

Ron Johnson: Well the number one priority of the federal government is the national defense, protecting our economic system. You know we need regulation, but we need effective regulation and when you have a President who doesn't understand how the private sector operates …We need significant, dramatic tax reform, but tax reform that is all targeted to promoting economic growth.”

Mike Lowe: But is that what really promotes job creation? I mean, as a former CEO, I think you would probably say that it’s demand for your product that would lead to your hiring decisions, rather than a tax policy.

Ron Johnson: But again, when you costing the economy $200 billion a year just to comply with that tax code, the single best thing you can do, to get our economy going again, is take a look at everything the Obama administration has done, and repeal it.

Hell, why even look at it, just repeal. Is he the dumbest man in the senate?

Mike Lowe also brought up the importance of taking health care off the backs of business with reform, the kind Johnson says will destroy the country. You really do have to watch this tea party Ayn Randian freak.    


  1. Makes me wish Mike Lowe was the Senator. He has a far better understanding of the job and the issues than RoJo.

  2. The fundamental flaw which Ron Johnson believes is and I quote, "...protecting our economic system..." This cannot be found anywhere in the U.S. Constitution. Mr. Johnson needs to re-read the Preamble of the U.S. Constitution.

  3. I think this interview offers a snapshot into the shallows of Tea Party thinking and Lowe knew it, recognized it and worked it. Johnson feels he was elected by people who want "no compromise." No need to listen to the blue in the purple. He claims his obligation is to communicate how urgent, dire our financial situation is [garbled] TO the voters, not from the voters. He's representing himself and his own interests in Congress, not any constituents, but reporting back how terrible Obama is doing to keep his Tea party base "informed."

    Another great video captured and posted John. Nice work.