Friday, August 19, 2011

The DNR reorganization creates “Enterprise Agency,’ to be responsive to the…Public?

“Enterprise,” as in Enterprise Agency, is defined as “an organization created for business ventures.” In the Republican world of agency names that mean the exact opposite, this new entity will help...the public somehow?
AP: The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is being reorganized in a way that Gov. Scott Walker’s administration says will increase its responsiveness to the public but not weaken environmental regulations.

That’s why the creation of the “Enterprise Agency” in the DNR is so wonderfully incompatible.
The DNR has committed to speeding up and streamlining the permitting process, improving communication with those it regulates, being more cost-effective…

Oh, and don’t forget the public…
 and increasing over-the-counter services by 40 percent.

Sadly, the environmental group 1000 Friends of Wisconsin is supporting this Trojan horse. Another blissfully ignorant and willing accomplice to the environmental wrecking crew at Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce.

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  1. With a 1000 "Friends" like those, who needs enemies?