Friday, August 26, 2011

Ashland provides look at future cuts, way of life in America; get rid of your own Christmas trees.

This is just another story about a city trying to deal with rising costs and life after the one time fix by Gov. Walker. The odd list of proposed cuts caught my attention:
Ashland Current: Because nearly 50 percent of Ashland's revenue comes from state, some councilors had predicted the 2012 budget could prove disastrous for Ashland. Councilor Carl Doersch proposed that the council consider adopting those cuts outlined in a survey recently distributed to Ashland residents.Eliminating curbside pickup of Christmas trees, reducing the amount of time street lights stay on, charging for downtown snow removal…

And residents are going to put their Christmas trees where…? Transport the trees how? And charging for downtown snow removal…what the hell?

Oh, and for those who would like to blame the Affordable Care Act for future premium increases, check out the largest cost below that has been going on for years:
A large increase in health insurance expenses complicated councilors' efforts last year to balance the budget. The projected $329,000 budget shortfall presented to councilors Thursday night assumes health insurance costs rise by 15 percent.

That’s not government health care, that’s private free market health care.


  1. What a surprise. The "state" would like Ashland to be in as much financial crisis as possible. The more desperate they are the more willing enough local people will be take on that horrifying mine that will trash the whole area and ruin the tribal economy just to the south of there.
    Ah, the beauty of a Republican Plan...